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Passenger car, truck and bus tires

Designed by RoadBoss/GoForm with the cutting-edge technologies utilizing premium European equipment. The performance of RoadBoss/GoForm tires is very much comparable to all major North American brands.

Premium quality and performance are guaranteed by our own tests performed over the past two years on cars, trucks, transit buses and highway coaches.

All our tires are DOT approved, certified for noise reduction and fuel economy.

TOK Tires is an exclusive distributors for RoadBoss/GoForm brand tires in Ontario. TOK Tire has inventory of large range of PCR (passenger car) and TBR (truck and bus) tires in its warehouse in Concord-Ontario. With the stock available locally, delivery of tires can be accommodated with in 24 hours.


We invite fleets and tire dealerships to partner with us. Kindly direct your inquiries to

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  • Premium performance
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  • Cutting edge
  • Stock
    in Toronto, ON
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