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Moving forward with technology

TOK Smartech offers turnkey technology and information solutions for the transit and mobility sectors. We help organizations stay ahead with increased productivity and efficiency through new and emerging technological advances. We offer full support to implement your new system and keep it performing.

Keeping up with innovation

Technology innovations are rapidly changing how transport service is delivered, with on-board and centralized systems for:

  • Operating, maintaining and monitoring vehicles
  • Collecting passenger data
  • Compiling operational information
  • Better functionality of infrastructure, including garages and stations
Keeping up with innovation

Designed for your needs

TOK Smartech can recommend and implement the right strategies for your organization. Whether TOK already operates or maintains your fleet, or you’re looking for support, we’ll help you optimize your operations with technology. We’re not tied to specific technologies or suppliers and are fully independent.

We’ll give you the best advice on the technology to meet your unique needs, and provide direct links to the latest developments in mobility-related technology.

Working with the world’s leading technology companies, we can advise you on the latest innovations

Automatic Fare Collection Systems including Smart Card Systems
Computer Aided Dispatch / Automatic Vehicle Location Systems
Mobile/Video Surveillance Systems
Transit Signal Priority Systems
Fire Suppression Systems
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Automatic Passenger Counting Systems
Fleet Management and Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems
Passenger Information Systems
Vehicle Health Monitoring
AED Defribrillators
Digital Signage and Variable Message Signs including infotainment screens

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