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TOK Consulting is your one stop resource for all things transit. With over 100 years of combined transit experience, and leveraging the extensive resources of the TOK Group, we can assist you in ensuring a successful project delivery.

Our Team Leads

We can offer a wide range of expertise in:

  • Facility design review to incorporate operational efficiency;
  • Traffic patterns, work flows;
  • Equipment recommendations;
  • Tooling recommendations;
  • System Safety Plan recommendations;
  • Facility design review to include electric and alternate fuel technologies;
  • Building condition assessments;
  • Inventory audits;
  • Retrofitting of new technologies;
  • New equipment pre-delivery inspections and/or bus build quality control;

  • Developing Quality Assurance programs;
  • In-service fleet condition assessments;
  • Service-line servicing efficiency improvements and new product cleaning/ sanitizing recommendations;
  • Bus Asset Management Plan;
  • Maintenance review and training;
  • Assistance with RFI, RFQ, RFP design, development, and submission;
  • Assistance in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development;
  • Cost analysis of transit operations;
  • Financial management and efficiencies;
  • Bus operations, key performance indicators (KPI’s).

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